Uncharted | Week Four

Last night was our Advance Commitment Night.

Wait.  Let me start over.

Last night was an incredibly monumental moment in the life of our church. There. That’s better. That’s a more accurate depiction of what took place last night.

We gathered for some powerful worship. We listened to God’s word as we observed what it meant for God’s people to cross the Jordan River from the desert to the promised land and, together, we made the choice to go first, to stand in the river and to commit our resources in such a way that would radically change our lives and those around us.

We had over 100 people make the choice to go first last night and it was incredibly moving for me as we stood together in the river and decided to trust God like never before.

As we heard God moving us FROM something and TOWARD something else, here are some of the things that those who came named in their own journeys:

God is moving me…

  • From belief in Christ and TOWARD complete trust in his Him
  • From being calculated & independent and TOWARD trusting & leaning on God instead of me
  • From trying to be in control and TOWARD trusting God with my future.
  • From a place of comfort and TOWARD a place of trust
  • From attending Jamestown Harbor and TOWARD my heart becoming knitted into this community
  • From comfort and TOWARD vulnerability and surrender
  • From a life of ungenerosity and selfishness and TOWARD a life of giving and helpfulness


This uncharted territory for us and it’s amazing at what God is doing as we step out together.  As you can see from this short list, God is in the midst of shaping the desires of our hearts in radical ways!

That was just last night… but soon God will do even more amazing things among us!

I hope you make every effort you can, I hope you adjust your schedule, that you can make it a priority to attend our worship service this Sunday morning at 10am as our entire church will commit together.

God is moving us from something and toward something new… and we don’t want you to miss out!

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