Uncharted | Week One

I have this weird and annoying injury to my foot. It’s honestly been around for almost 3 years now. it comes and goes, sometimes it starts to hurt when I run a lot. Other times it starts to hurt when I’m doing nothing at all. So, my exercise gets erratic as I try and plan around whether or not my foot is working. And it occupies space in my mind as I think about what might make it worse or better. I’m not sure if you’ve had part of your body not work the way it’s supposed to before, but it’s a real drag. The rest of your body notices. It affects all of you. It stinks.

I doubt that the Apostle Paul had lingering injuries from a 25k RiverBank Run in mind when he wrote, “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it” (1 Cor. 12:27), but he should have. It’s true for us as a church, if you’re not bringing yourself to the table with the rest of us, we feel it. If one of us isn’t working the way we were designed to, if one of us is struggling, we feel it. You have a profound effect on the body of Christ.

Our “Uncharted” journey kicked off yesterday morning and it was an amazing Sunday! You can listen to the podcast or watch the vision video on this website. We’ve got T-shirts, we’ve got guidebooks, we’ve got sermons and videos and group conversation questions… but what we really need is YOU! This journey we’re taking isn’t just an individual one, it’s all of us. Together.

Our first step was simply to open our hands and engage in the journey with God knowing that we all have something inside of us that pulls us up short from following God into uncharted territory. This is why our financial generosity is such an important topic to deal with because Jesus tells us that it’s directly tied to the desires of our hearts.

But this goes beyond simply dealing with the desires of MY heart, or YOUR heart, it’s about OUR hearts. So, my #1 hope in this Uncharted season, above the $1.6 million we are trusting God to provide, above the property we’ll be purchasing or the churches we’ll be planting or the new ministry done in the next generation…. My #1 goal is for us to go together on a journey of generosity that changes all of US.

I promise you that I’m all the way IN on this. I’m wrestling with God about what He’s speaking to me about the desires of my heart. I’m listening to His voice as best as I can. And I really hope you will too. Because we are on this journey together and I’ve already got one foot that isn’t cooperating.

Join us next Sunday at 10 am as we take the next step in our journey and see how we can keep God at the center of everything.

Your friend,


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