Uncharted | Crossing To The Other Side

We did it!  We’ve worked for months to walk up this Sunday morning and we did it together, church!  Thank you for your willingness to enter an important conversation together. Thank you for your [...]

Uncharted | Week Four

Last night was our Advance Commitment Night. Wait.  Let me start over. Last night was an incredibly monumental moment in the life of our church. There. That’s better. That’s a more accurate [...]

Uncharted | Week Three

What does it mean to be a disciple? This week our third “uncharted” message helped pull at the nuance of letting go in order to hold on. That no disciple ever followed Jesus without leaving [...]

Uncharted | Week Two

As we took our next steps into uncharted territory together this past Sunday in week #2, we highlighted God’s great desire to build his Tabernacle (Holy Tent) in the middle of everything.  That [...]